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11 June 2002   


Jade wanking on Big Brother

19_jade_pj_large.jpgChannel 4: Pillow talk"The conversation then turned to Jade with PJ telling the cockney girl, "You don't give a s**t what people think about you and that's nice."
This romantic line, positively Shakespearean in its eloquence, should've set the scene for a full-on flirting session. But PJ took the wind out of Jade's sails by going on to talk about his love interest in the outside world. "


Still, unrequited love is horny! I don't think the late night wanking is over, not by a long shot. (Is that a pun?)

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Sandy leaves Big Brother

Sandy has a fire side chat with everyone about leaving! He off in the morning. All decided. Definite.

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My favourite to win, who I want to win, not necessarily who I think will win: Alex and Jade.

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Channel 4:The House Reacts to Nominations Day 19: "While Alex has built bridges on the poor side of the House with PJ and Spencer thanks to the 'Blitz Spirit' that has emerged there, Jonny does not seem so at ease on the poor side of the House."


And the poor side only nominated those from the rich side, none from the poor side. That's 'Blitz Spirit' for you.

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Sunday People: BIG BRO KATE'S 3 IN-A-BED PASSION: "BIG Brother beauty Kate Lawler, 22, told a hunky builder she wanted three-in-bed sex during a mind-blowing month of kinky romps. Alfredo Correra, 23, told the Sunday People: "She took control. It was the best sex ever.""

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lee big brother

lee_profile_123x129.jpg Lee Nominated by Adele, Alex, Jade, PJ, Spencer. But Lee also voted for Jonny. Listening to him this afternoon, talking with Jonny, Lee really is the smiling assassin. (Jonny: nominated by Adele, Alex, Lee, Sandy, Spencer.)

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East Angular

Fish In A Pint: I just had to have this on my site, just for completeness. I think I'm beginning to like Jade.

"Spencer: "You know you see those people in Venice standing on the back of gondolas, pushing it around?"
Jade: "They don't do that on the Thames though, do they?"
Spencer: "No. I don't work on the Thames. I work in Cambridge."
Jade: "Is there not the Thames there?"
Spencer: "No!"
Jade: "Is there a river called the Cambridge river?"
Spencer: "Yeah, it's called the Cam."
Jade: "Really? You swear? I only thought there was the Thames. I thought that was the main one in London."
Spencer: "It is. I don't live in London."
Jade: "I'm confused. I thought Cambridge was in London. I knew Birmingham weren't in London."
Spencer: "Would you like to go and tell the group what you just said?"
Jade: "No..."
Spencer: "Cambridge is a city."
Jade: "But we've got a city in London."
Spencer: "Yes. This city is called London. And there's different parts of it. Cambridge is a city."
Jade: "Of where? Kent?"
Jade: "Well England's a country, London's a city, Bermondsey's just a throw-off. Now where are you? What's your country, and what's your things?"
Spencer: "What country am I from? England. The city is called Cambridge, the county Cambridgeshire."
Jade: "So not Kent then?"
Spencer: "Nooooo.... The region is called East Anglia."
Jade: East Angular? That's abroad. Is there not a place called East Angular abroad?"
Spencer: "Jade, have you been taking the stupid pills again?"
Jade: "Every time people tell me they work in East Angular, I actually think they're talking about near Tunisia and places like that. Am I thick?"
Spencer: "Well, I hate to say it, but you are."
Jade: "Cos Scottish and Irish and all that comes under England, doesn't it?"
Spencer: "No... They come under Great Britain. Scotland and Wales have their own flags. Northern Ireland and Ireland are different."
Jade: "So they're not together? Where's Berlin?"
Spencer: "Germany..."

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Paul and Heather: the happy couple in links. Net notes: As Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills prepare for their nuptials, here's our guide to the best sites on the ex-Beatle and the former model. [Guardian Unlimited]

 Source: Guardian Unlimited; 11/06/02; 9:45:35 am.
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Bushs Allgemeinbildung: Gibt es Schwarze in Brasilien? - Panorama - SPIEGEL ONLINE: "During a conversation between the two presidents, George W. Bush, 55, (USA) and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 71, (Brazil), Bush bewildered his colleague with the question "Do you have blacks, too?""


I think Iraq's gonna get nuked.
However, Urban Legends Reference Pages: Questionable Quote says "the Washington Post has the White House dismissed this quote as "total crap."". So maybe Bush isn't as dumb as people make out, but I still think he's dumb enough or badly advised enough to nuke Iraq.
I still think he should.

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Johnelle Bryant Mohamed Atta

falling3.jpgABCNEWS.com : Woman Recalls Encounter With 9/11 Leader: "He said he had just arrived in the United States from Afghanistan "to start his dream, which was to go flight school and get his pilot's license, and work both as a charter pilot and a crop duster too," she said. He was seeking $650,000 for a crop-dusting business.
"He wanted to finance a twin-engine six-passenger aircraft


What the fuck are these guys doing looking for money? I thought they were so well financed and so secretive too. (MetaFilter thinks it a bullshit story.)

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cesium-137 dirty bomb

How Bad Can a 'Dirty Bomb' Be?. "Some predict the detonation of a radiological weapon would make huge sections of a city uninhabitable for decades, while others' assessments aren't as dire." [Wired News]


Apparently, cesium-137 'bonds' to roofs and stuff, so a whole area needs to be abandoned. How big that area is depends on the bomb and the panic.

 Source: Wired News; 11/06/02; 4:46:29 pm.
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Big brother: "Jade was just having a wank. She was at least playing with herself, while the rest in the poor section's bedroom, slept. She sleeps next to PeeJay, and he's in shot. "


If you've come looking for info on Jade, read about this self satisfaction episode at 3 am Monday morning! And find out from your friends if anyone else saw it. If you have confirmation please add to the comments. This whole thing lasted about an hour. Certainly the gallery was aware of it, hell, they were in shot for over an hour.

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MosaicQ.jpg Astronomy Picture of the Day : Simulated Galaxy Cluster View: " Explanation: Stunningly detailed, this picture is a computer simulated view of a cluster of galaxies in the distant cosmos. A large, elliptical galaxy dominates this hypothetical cluster's central region surrounded by a swarm of member galaxies. Other galaxies which lie far behind the cluster are seen as numerous visible concentric arcs - lensed by the enormous gravitational field dominated by dark matter within the cluster itself. Such magnificent images are expected to be achieved by the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), one of the upgrades being installed on the Hubble Space Telescope during the ongoing servicing mission. Compared to Hubble's workhorse Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2), whose achievements include the current deep field views of the Universe, the new technology ACS will be twice as sharp an imager with twice the field of view and five times the sensitivity. Along with extended views of the distant cosmos, enthusiastic astronomers also plan to use the ACS to monitor our own Solar System and to search for planets orbiting stars beyond the Sun."


I'm still stunned by this picture even though it's a few years old now. I can't wait till the next upgrade to these type of pictures. If only the rest of the world was looking up instead of planning nuclear bombing, be it terrorist of state.

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lee2.jpg The Sun: The Big Brother: " BIG Brother's official bookies suspended betting on Friday's eviction last night amid fears of another sting - this time on Lee.
Ladbrokes refused new wagers after punters placed thousands on the muscleman to go BEFORE nominations were known.
The odds on the personal trainer walking on Friday dived from 33-1 to 7-1 in just 24 hours.


Looks like someone is more in the know that us lot. I'm surprised that it is Lee.

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ATMmarketplace: At ATMs, ubiquity sells: "Are there any c-stores today without an ATM? Maybe a few - but they are the exception, not the rule. I react the same way to a c-store without an ATM as I do to an airport without a Starbucks -- with barely contained annoyance."

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Dirty bombs

jose_padilla_mugshot_nh.jpg International Herald Tribune: 'Dirty bomb' plot uncovered in U.S.: "...even a small amount of radioactive material, if properly milled into fine particles and dispersed by a conventional explosive, could spread radioactive particles over an area of several blocks."


Do you really think that this is not going to happen over the next 2-50 years? It is just too easy with too much reward.

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