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A pure blogging company. With history (2 years 7 days ) in hosting Manila weblogging communities and building customised blogging environments for a range of companies and Government quangos. The latest project: building the intranet for the Government Office for the West Midlands, based entirely on Manila. Next project: their internet and extranet. See more details on services and history.

19 February 2002   


letterCloseUp2.jpgThis is a detail, actual size, of the big letter, which is scaled down by 30% to print onto A4.

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I suppose the next thing to do is to run this as a web service. You just tell your copy of Radio where your database is, what your letter text is and I send you the weblogs to your server, and a summary page with links to all the big letters and on a PC you 'pint all pages from this page' or something like that.


Needs some thinking does that.

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letterSmall.jpgThis is the next project. Letters.


From a file maker database, with one click of the mouse. Many index pages are written to the www folder. Each one is then upstreamed, but on the way it's shoved through some graphics templates to render the text as jpeg'd images. There are two html templates that it's rendered through. The first one does it as in the illustration with the reply form on the bottom. The second, is much much larger, in fact it's about 2200 pixels wide! That's so I can print out the 72dpi jpeg's text at 30% to resize it down to standard A4. Each large one is then sent to my printer. I've also an envelope that's as big which is also sent to my printer at 30%.


The end result is photo quality mail merged A4 letters, envelopes and web pages to accompany them. The point being that I can send out letters that look like letters, but also have links printed on them.


I'll also be sending up an .htaccess file to my Apache server, so that each letter is realm protected. Each printed letter has the web address of its web version, and the user and password as jpeg's text.

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