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06 May 2003   


Opera offers the full Internet to smartphones based on Series 60 Platform

" Oslo, Norway - April 29, 2003 - At the Symbian Exposium in London, UK, Opera Software ASA today announced that users of the Series 60 based smartphones, such as Nokia 3650, now can download the Opera for Symbian OS mobile browser with Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) to their phones"

Oooooo! Now this is getting interesting!

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The Nokia Observation Camera now available

"Once mounted and connected to a power source, the Nokia Observation Camera is ready to provide information. The Nokia Observation Camera can be set to send images automatically to an MMS-enabled mobile phone or e-mail address at pre-determined intervals, when motion is detected or when an SMS command is sent directly to the device."

Not what I'm after, but interesting, none-the-less.

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Thinking of a new phone

orange_spv_small.JPG" Features that I'm mostly interested in are: email, digital camera, built in modem? Speaker phone, HTML browsing, Pocket PC, MP3 player.
"Synchronise with your PC's email, diary, contacts, tasks and notebook with Microsoft Outlook¨. And, of course, you can access your Orange email accounts too."
I've had major problems with Orange's website, trying to set up email, that doesn't sound good. Sounds like I'd have to have an Orange email address.
"Windows Media Player which lets you listen to your favourite tunes on MP3"

Talk Plan

Line Rental

Free minutes

Peak per min

Cross Network Calls

Orange 400





OVP T-Mobile Everyone 300






Line Rental

Inclusive Megabytes

Cost per Mb used

GPRS 0.5Mb

£4 per month




£15 per month

5 MB


Bad Points:
Keypad small and a bit clumsy to use,
Supplied case covers all phone,
Quality of pictures via camera not great - Nokia 7650 fairs better,
USB Connection slow,
Poor ringtones,
Ringtones not very loud,
Battery goes down quick, even when not making calls,
Backlight comes on when any key is pressed when the phone keypad is locked - since it could stay on for 10/15 seconds, this will drain much needed battery time.

I am considering exchanging mine for the Nokia 7650. Whilst the Nokia is larger, heavier and more expensive, it does have a better build quality and the software/menuing is not prone to the problems the SPV exhibits.

Another review: I was installing all kind of software on my phone in the beginning due to which the phone slowed down or sometime crashed. After all it's a PC. Now I added 512 MB SD Card and have everything in there. Problem resolved. The new upgrade has improved the battery life, the antenna and the value of the product drastically.

A reply to a review: You can customise the homescreen however you want, it's just not that easy, and you need basically to be a XML programmer. However, check out www.modaco.com, and lot's of nice people have put together some quite brilliant homescreens.

A review about the 7650: Go to http://www.findmidis.com and download the latest chart midi song files and upload them onto the 7650 for free! (http://www.softwaremarket.nokia.com) and there is quite a range of apps to choose from. You can even get spy software (Digia ImageSpy 7650/3650) that has motion detection (the camera can be set to monitor its neighbourhood and raise an alarm/ send picture when motion is detected).

A pro review: Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE), which supports HTML 3.2, cHTML, MSXML, JScript, WAP 1.2.1 and WTLS. With it, you can browse just about any web site out there, which is a major advantage over browsers in other smartphone offerings which for the most part offer browsing only WAP or XHTML content. As time has passed, quite a number of sites adapted for PIE on the Pocket PC platform have cropped up, and the majority of these sites will work on the SPV.

I'm going to look at the Symbian on Nokia, see what it can do. I need a webbrowser on a phone, and so far the only game is Microsoft [damn].

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Dáirio na internet: 300 mil brasileiros já tem um

"Diário na internet: 300 mil brasileiros já tem um "

300,000. That's the number of weblogs that the Portuguese-language local version of Blogger has in Brazil, which is operated through the local portal Globo.com. In a story in Estadao.com, website of a major newspaper in Sao Paulo, product manager Renata Brasil explains that the weblog segment has been growing at a 10%-monthly rate since August 2002. There are Brazilian weblog competitors at portals IG and Terra. [Via poynter.org]

300,000 Spanish blogs? Which would be the tip of the iceberg.

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XML Weather Server

Adam asked for a script to read the XML from a weather organisation in the US which supplies XML feeds for just about everywhere in the world. I've added some bits to the script to show the forecast, download it from here. Now, it's at the foot of my front page template, like so...

<% workspace.weather2rss.getWeather("Telford", "VUtYWDAzMDU%3D", true) %>

Dead handy having the weather on your own site. Cheers Marcus for the initial script.

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David's *at it* with his mobile blogging

WAP RSS now on radio.weblogs.com. Those fine fellows at Userland have tweaked the community server to allow the upstreaming of WAP WML files. Thanks Lawrence! This is good news for WAP fans who also use Radio Userland and the Userland community server (radio.weblogs.com).

As a consequence of this change my educational technology WAP RSS feeds are now where they belong, on my weblog:


I just need a couple of tweaks of my WAP RSS tool then I'll release it to anyone who wants it. If anyone has any particular feature requests then now's the time to speak up. I'll hope to release the first public version Tuesday evening. [David Davies' Weblog]

 Source: David Davies' Weblog; 6/05/03; 1:21:11 am.
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