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16 December 2004   


The ups and downs of vanity

Yesterday I was up to 24,000 though perhaps I should have blogged it to prove it. Today I'm down to 30,000.

Perhaps I should go off and find some more indexes? Nah! Can't be bothered. Or can I? Nope, nope, no time.


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French newspaper blogs

I was wondering how LeMonde would finance their blog 'give-away.' Was it advertising? Nope, it's subscription.

"An online subscription to LeMonde costs €6 per month (almost US$8 or £4.13), and provides full access to the website and a number of other services, including the option to have your own blog. Half of the top 10 most popular blogs are now occupied by readers.

In France, more media properties have taken an interest in their audiences' wish to be visible online. Newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur, commercial TV channel M6, and radio channel Skyrock all have opened up their sites for weblogs from their readers, viewers, and listeners.

Skyrock launched its blogging service in January 2003 under the name Skyblogs and is the uncontested market leader: The site has more than 1 million blogs created by listeners, with an average of 35 entries per blog."

Another million I've never heard of, I wonder if Technorati has?


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news2mail Tool for Radio UserLand

From: Radio: The Missing Manual I do as Dave Winer does : "I subscribe to over 250 RSS feeds. Here's how I read them. First, I use Radio UserLand as my aggregator. Second, I use Doug Kaye's news2mail Tool. This way I catch everything, I know that I'm not missing items simply because I haven't checked my aggregator in the last 24 hours." news2mail automatically sends email messages containing the most recent stories from the channels you've subscribed to. This way I have all my aggregated news feeds archived in my email client (Thunderbird).

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Firefox ad in New York Times

Anything that kills off MSIE! Two page ad running in today's (16th Dec) edition. That was expensive—but necessary to raise the profile. Hopefully, they'll be it as a success and we'll see more in other papers, even over this side of the Atlantic.


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Comment & referer spam and server loads

One of my servers suffers from referer spam, sometimes it can seem like a denial of service attack, though I have a banned list and send back 403s.

Traffic has risen from last year, as it has every year, and I see that other eCommerce sites are also complaining, as they do every year, but the comment spam that Six Apart are seeing is near denial of service, as they do builds whether they block the spam or not (they're fixing this bug at the moment, but older installations are thusly dangerous for other sites on the same machine as the older MT installation—update people!) In a discussion on the issue I found one possible solution that will be just a part of the arms race, but demonstrate the problem: "...and the spammers will eventually figure out what an appropriate delay before each attempt is, but it should prevent massive server loads of 10000 comments within a minute, right?"

Now, Six Apart are working on a way of solving the problem not just for themselves, but for all in the weblogging world.

Jay Allen who created the MT BlackList and now works for Six Apart, writes: "...solving the comment spam problem once and for all and making it a non-issue, not just for us in the Movable Type/TypePad world, but also for all weblogs regardless of publishing tool. Our preference is towards solutions that scale to the entire weblog medium..."


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